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New Study Reveals Critical Gap in HR Function

June 18, 2024Recent research study reveals critical gap in HR function, with only 30% of HR professionals rating their ability to meet workers' strategic needs highly. Full report provides actionable strategies for HR professionals.

RChilli Expands Language Support for Resume Parsing and Matching

June 12, 2024RChilli expands its language support to include Greek, Czech, Slovak, and Slovenian, enhancing its global user base and streamlining the hiring process. This development reflects RChilli's commitment to innovation and excellence in the HR tech industry.

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RChilli Announces Gold Sponsorship and Exhibitor Role at Ascend 2024

June 7, 2024RChilli announces its role as a Gold Sponsor and exhibitor at Ascend 2024, showcasing its latest AI technology innovations designed to revolutionize the HR tech industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge solutions that enhance recruitment practices and streamline hiring processes.

New Research Reveals Pain Points in HR Tech Stacks

June 4, 2024New research from’s State of Today's HR Tech Stack and Integrations 2024 sheds light on pain points in HR tech stacks and provides actionable insights for HR professionals. Learn more about the challenges and solutions in HR technology integration.

Unlocking the Power of Cross-Company Integration (CCI) for Collaborative Innovation

May 30, 2024Today's network economy requires collaboration across organizational boundaries to drive innovation and resilience. Cross-Company Integration (CCI) is key to forging powerful partnerships, enhancing efficiency, and boosting competitiveness in dynamic markets. Learn how CCI unlocks collaborative innovation and the power of the network effect.

RChilli to Showcase Next-Generation HR Solutions at TAtech 2024

May 29, 2024RChilli, a leading provider of next-generation HR technology solutions, is set to showcase its cutting-edge HR technology solutions suite at TAtech 2024 in Washington, DC. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain insights into the future of HR technology and recruitment. Announces Future of Talent Acquisition 2024 Advisory Board

May 28, announces the Future of Talent Acquisition 2024 Advisory Board, collaborating to positively influence thought leadership and best practices in the HR industry. The board will guide senior HR professionals in understanding and navigating recruitment challenges.

JobProMax: Your Ultimate Career Assistance Tool

May 24, 2024JobProMax is not just another job board - it's a personalized career assistance tool that provides curated job listings, advanced search filters, candidate profile matching, personalized job alerts, seamless application process, and easy hiring and talent acquisition.

Agtalent: Revolutionizing Agriculture Employment

May 24, 2024Agtalent introduces a new platform tailored for the agricultural industry, revolutionizing the job search and hiring process. With advanced features and a community-focused approach, Agtalent aims to bridge the gap in agricultural employment while contributing to the sector's growth and sustainability. Announces State of People Analytics 2024 Advisory Board

May 23, announces the State of People Analytics 2024 Advisory Board, providing valuable insights and thought leadership to guide HR professionals in improving productivity, engagement, and overall business success. Stay informed about the latest trends and best practices in people analytics with the upcoming virtual event.