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Discover the SHC (School Hack Coin) Listing on XT

May 21, 2024XT, the world’s first socially infused trading platform, is thrilled to announce the listing of SHC (School Hack Coin) on its platform in the Innovation Zone (AI) and the SHC/USDT trading pair will start from 2024-05-20 12:00 (UTC). About SHC SHC is an SLP-20 token deployed on the Solana layer-1 blockchain with a max supply of 500 million tokens.

$MoneyMan Launches Presale Phase: Transforming DeFi Through Meme Culture

May 21, 2024As the digital dawn spreads its light over the crypto landscape, a new hero emerges from the vibrant heart of the DeFi space, capturing the essence of meme magic while paying tribute to Bitcoin, the patriarch of cryptocurrencies. Introducing $MoneyMan, the bull-market beast with a BTC pendant, a symbol of both reverence and revolution.

$5.9 Million Marine Moguls ERC-404 Airdrop Closes in 3 Days, Launch Imminent!

May 21, 2024As the clock ticks down to the much-anticipated launch of Marine Moguls, MetFi DAO reminds the crypto community that its ERC-404 airdrop closes in three (3) days. This final call is an invitation to join a pioneering venture setting new standards in the blockchain and digital asset landscape.

Are BlockDAG Network and Bitcoin Millionaire Makers?

May 20, 2024Cryptocurrency has emerged as a revolutionary financial asset class that has created a significant number of millionaires across the globe. Unlike traditional financial markets, cryptocurrencies offer high volatility yet rapid growth potential, enabling early adopters and savvy investors to amass substantial wealth in relatively short periods.

Serenity Shield Launches Global DePIN Network To Transform Data Storage

May 20, 2024Serenity Shield, a fully decentralized multi-chain data storage solution, today announces the launch of its inaugural decentralized storage facility in Muscat, Oman. It will be the first facility of many to go live for testing across a global network of interconnected points at pivotal locations in India, Portugal, Netherlands, USA and Australia.

PinSuanSuan Launches Top-tier Global Data Center Hosting Service to Meet High Computing Power Demands

May 20, 2024PinSuanSuan announced the launch of its top-tier global data center hosting service to meet users' high computing power demands. As a leading platform for AI computing asset trading and digital currency computing power services, PinSuanSuan enhances its service capabilities and competitiveness by partnering with leading data centers in North America to provide efficient and secure hosting services.

MAOCAT Presale Is Off to a Successful Start, Raising $300K Already

May 20, 2024MAOCAT, the first cat-themed memecoin on Ethereum, has started its presale, offering over 60% of the $MAO token supply. In a rare feat, the project has already raised more than $300,000, earning the memecoin a standout reputation before its much-anticipated launch.

Fluid Tokens Launch First Dex for Runes

May 20, 2024FluidTokens is proud to pioneer the first decentralized exchange (DEX) tailored specifically for Runes. FluidTokens, a Swiss-based company, is at the forefront of transforming traditional finance through permissionless DeFi solutions.

Welly Updates NFT Collection with Elevated, Individual Design

May 20, 2024SHIB, a world-leading ecosystem of decentralized finance (DeFi) cryptocurrencies that has gained popularity among millions of holders worldwide, today announced the refresh of Welly Friends NFT Collection, a series of innovative NFTs supporting a popular restaurant and catering business in Italy. The Welly Friends NFT collection was originally created in 2022 as a way to support the growing Welly restaurant franchise.

StakingFarm Introduces Effortless Crypto Earnings with New Automated Staking

May 19, 2024StakingFarm, a leader in the cryptocurrency staking industry, today unveiled its automated staking solutions, designed to empower users by simplifying the process of earning passive income from cryptocurrencies. This innovative approach provides a hands-free method for users to grow their investments without the need for continuous oversight or technical knowledge.

ValueZone Sets New Standards in Crypto Trading with Unmatched Currency Accessibility

May 19, 2024As a response to the rapidly evolving demands of the cryptocurrency market, ValueZone has introduced an enhanced trading platform designed to set new industry standards with its unmatched currency accessibility and sophisticated trading features. This move consolidates ValueZone's position as a leader in the cryptocurrency trading space, offering a broad spectrum of digital currencies and innovative trading solutions.

StakingFarm Enables Wealth Building Through Crypto Staking for Passive Income

May 18, 2024StakingFarm, a pioneering force in the cryptocurrency staking sector, proudly announces its role in facilitating substantial wealth generation for its users through its robust crypto-staking platform. By capitalizing on the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency, StakingFarm provides a secure and efficient means for individuals to earn passive income and thereby increase their financial well-being.

ValueZone's CEO Pledges to Lead in Cutting-Edge Quantitative Trading for Enhanced Passive Income

May 18, 2024 At a recent financial technology conference, the CEO of ValueZone, Adam Carl Waldman, committed to positioning ValueZone as a frontrunner in cutting-edge quantitative trading platforms, designed specifically to boost passive income for its users. This strategic pivot aims to harness sophisticated quantitative algorithms to maximize returns and minimize risks, marking a significant step in the evolution of cryptocurrency trading.