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The future of newswires is engagement, not distribution. Let's work together to future-proof your business.

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The News Marketing API to Drive Your Business

This is where AI and 25 years of News Marketing expertise come together to help you build your newswire business.

Visibility is the name of the game, and it's not easy. We know your pain because we have been doing this online news marketing thing since the dawn of the Internet.

The future of newswires is engagement, not distribution. Let's work together to future-proof your business.

NewsRamp gives you a simple API infrastructure to enhance your newswire's press release, provide curation, translate your release into 12 languages, improve online visibility, augment your syndication, and deliver meaningful content experiences for your customer's news.

Blockchain Registration & Web3 Stack - Building Trust

Building Web3 technologies into your product offering is a great way to build trust. It is so important that we make it part of our base API package.

We encourage you to implement our Web3 stack for the following reasons.

  • It gives you insights you have never had before. When properly implemented, you will gain insights into your network activity, improve reporting to your customers, and gauge the value of every distribution endpoint.

  • It builds trust for your brand by providing a content provenance layer to your news distribution.

  • Its included. We are not charging extra for this service.

Build Competitive Advantage

You can maintain a competitive edge by tapping into the experience of the NewsRamp engineering team. We will build solutions to enhance your current offering. We can create solutions that bolt onto our existing API but are exclusive to your company.

Benefits of working with NewsRamp include:

  • Pioneering News Marketing Team
  • Expert Engineering
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Unparalleled Innovation
  • Reduced Costs
  • Simple API

Our Team

Our founders are pioneers in online marketing.

David McInnis, Founder

David A. McInnis is the visionary entrepreneur who founded PRWeb, a groundbreaking platform that has redefined the landscape of online press releases and news distribution. With a keen understanding of the digital age, McInnis transformed traditional PR methods by offering a platform that not only disseminates news to a wide audience but also optimizes it for search engines. For nine years, he led PRWeb to become a powerhouse before being acquired by Cision. His innovative approach has made PRWeb a go-to resource for businesses and journalists alike, earning him a reputation as a pioneer in the field of digital public relations.

With innovative digital marketing strategies, he has transformed how brands engage with audiences, achieving great success. Beyond tech, he empowers others through mentorship and community involvement. David's dedication and contributions to online marketing have established him as a trailblazer, continuing to push the boundaries of digital innovation.

Connect with David on LinkedIn or reach out on Telegram

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David McInnis
Mark Willaman

Mark Willaman, Founder

Mark Willaman is a multifaceted entrepreneur best known as the founder of HRmarketer, a pioneering software platform that transformed marketing in the HR sector. With a career spanning various industries, Willaman has also made notable contributions to the fields of healthcare and marketing technology. His unique blend of expertise across different sectors not only made HRmarketer an industry standard but also established Mark as a versatile thought leader.

Mark's experience as the founder of multiple SaaS marketing and data analytics platforms complements David's work in newswire distribution and SEO at Known for fostering a collaborative work culture, Mark's focus on strong teams has fueled success in his ventures and impacted those he's mentored. Together with David, Mark's expertise is reshaping the landscape of online news and marketing.

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Bryan Eisenberg, Advisor

Meet Bryan Eisenberg, the man who turned the art of marketing into a science. With a smile as inviting as his ideas, Bryan has been the go-to guru for businesses looking to decode the DNA of customer behavior.

Bryan Eisenberg is a marketing master who has revolutionized the way businesses understand customer behavior.With a rich history of marketing innovation over the past 25+ years, he's not just a consultant but also a best-selling author of books like "Call to Action" and "Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?". His latest book, "The Rice and Beans Millionaire" is rapidly gaining recognition as the goto resource for young and aspiring entreprenuers.

Known for his engaging speaking style, Bryan is a sought-after keynote speaker and thought leader in the industry, transforming complex marketing theories into actionable strategies for businesses of all sizes.

Bryan Eisenberg
Mark Alan Effinger, Advisor

Mark Alan Effinger, Advisor

Mark Alan Effinger is a 37 year veteran behind the launch of more than 20 fast-growth startups. He has developed technologies used in laser projection, ecommerce, neurochemistry and biohacking. Mark continues to champion for entrepreneurs, with an absolute belief in the democratization of PR and Media as a critical success tool. He has a deep commitment to NewsRamp as the empowering technology to help businesses dramatically increase ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) while reducing Advertising Burn Rate - a critical factor in the success of nearly every scalable business worldwide.

Michael Iwasaki, Advisor

Michael Iwasaki is the founder behind, a leading online press release distribution platform established in 2004. With a deep understanding of public relations and digital marketing, Michael has dedicated his career to helping companies of all sizes amplify their visibility and reach through effective press release strategies. Under his leadership, has grown to serve tens of thousands of clients globally, offering tools that assist businesses in maximizing their news exposure and engaging with their target audiences effectively.

Michael Iwasaki, Advisor