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March 22, 2024

Small Business Owners Show Mixed Sentiment in Latest Freedom Economy Index Survey


  • Small business owners are holding cash and making only essential purchases, gaining financial stability.
  • The Freedom Economy Index survey found that small business owners are easing recession fears and holding cash.
  • Small business owners are feeling a turning in the economy, but not willing to bet the farm just yet.
  • Gen Z is struggling at the workplace, causing concern for the 2024 labor market.

Impact - Why it Matters

Small business owners play a crucial role in the economy, and their sentiment and struggles directly impact the labor market, workplace culture, and even potential legislative decisions. The findings of the survey provide valuable insights into the challenges faced by small business owners, the difficulties in hiring reliable talent, and the impact of economic and political factors on their operations.


The March edition of the Freedom Economy Index survey (FEI) was released today, finding that small business owners have taken a significant step back from their recession fears, but also aren’t posturing for big growth...yet. The survey, a joint project of PublicSquare and RedBalloon, sampled 80,000 small business owners from March 15-19. Key takeaways include easing recession fears, Gen Z struggles in the workplace, reliability drought, employer stress levels, and divisions over banning TikTok.

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