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July 10, 2024

Quantum Metal Bullion Launches Quantum Metal Gold Token ($QMGT) Project


  • The $QMGT project allows users to convert expenses into gold, potentially generating profits as gold prices rise.
  • The $QMGT project utilizes blockchain technology to create a simplified and secure method for owning, trading, and leveraging gold.
  • Through the $QMGT project, individuals and businesses can empower themselves by converting expenses into gold, turning purchases into investments.
  • The $QMGT project revolutionizes the precious metals industry by providing a decentralized financial platform and creating a precious metals marketplace.

Impact - Why it Matters

The launch of the $QMGT project signifies a significant leap forward in the precious metals sector, offering individuals and businesses a simplified and secure method to own, trade, and leverage gold. The project also aims to create a precious metals marketplace and decentralized financial platform, empowering users to convert their expenses into gold.


Quantum Metal Bullion (QMB) PTY LTD Australia proudly announces the official launch of the Quantum Metal Gold Token ($QMGT) project in partnership with Quantum Metal Digital Solutions Inc. The project aims to simplify and secure gold ownership, leveraging blockchain technology for enhanced transparency and accessibility.

The $QMGT project integrates QMB's proven gold trading model with blockchain technology and DeFi, addressing inefficiencies and enhancing investor confidence. The project is backed by physical gold held in secure vaults and includes gold trading, e-wallets, and DeFi platforms built on a blockchain foundation.

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