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By: BlockchainWire
July 10, 2024

Quantum Metal Bullion Launches $QMGT Project, Revolutionizing Precious Metals Ownership with Web3 Technology

Quantum Metal Bullion (QMB) PTY LTD Australia, a company specializing in bullion-based technology, proudly announces the official launch of the Quantum Metal Gold Token ($QMGT) project.

(Left to Right): Erwin Carmelo Escudero, Dato Lim Khong Soon, Muhd Marin Escudero

Through its partner Quantum Metal Digital Solutions Inc., QMB leverages advanced technologies and innovative corporate solutions to empower individuals and businesses in the precious metals industry. As a blockchain technology pioneer, Quantum Metal Digital Solutions Inc. (QMDSI) is transforming the sector with cutting-edge advancements.

The $QMGT project provides a simplified and secure method to own, trade, and leverage gold, utilizing blockchain technology for enhanced transparency, immutability, and accessibility.

Building on Web3 principles, the project aims to create a precious metals marketplace and decentralized financial platform, allowing users to seamlessly and effortlessly convert their expenses/purchases into gold thereby enhancing the existing Quantum Metal Bullion (QMB) global community model.

Quantum Metal Bullion (QMB) has promoted financial empowerment by enabling individuals and businesses to convert expenses into gold, turning purchases into investments. Users who buy gold from QMB can convert their holdings into 85% fiat currency, settle financial obligations, and still retain gold as a hedge. As gold prices rise, users can potentially have their loanable gold pay for itself through appreciation. While this model has been successful, generating nearly $500M in gross sales in 2023, it has been burdened by legacy-based processes.

The $QMGT project addresses these inefficiencies by integrating QMB’s proven model with blockchain technology and DeFi, enabling seamless platform scaling, process improvement, and enhanced investor confidence through transparent and secure transactions.

“We are thrilled to unveil the $QMGT project, a significant leap forward in the precious metals sector,” said Dato Lim Khong Soon, Founder of Quantum Metal Bullion PTY LTD. “By combining our gold trading expertise with QMDS cutting-edge blockchain solutions, we are opening new possibilities for gold ownership and investment.”

Erwin Carmelo T. Escudero, Chairman of Quantum Metal Digital Solutions, added, “The $QMGT project demonstrates our commitment to innovation and our belief in Web3 technology’s transformative power. We are excited to create a unique ecosystem that empowers individuals and businesses.”

Key Features of the $QMGT Project:

  • Gold-backed Token: Each $QMGT token is backed by physical gold held in secure vaults, ensuring transparency and trust.

  • Web3 Ecosystem: The project includes gold trading, e-wallets, and DeFi platforms, all built on a blockchain foundation.

  • Regulatory Compliance: $QMGT adheres to the highest regulatory standards, ensuring a safe and compliant environment for users.

  • Community-Driven: The project actively engages with and fosters a thriving community of gold enthusiasts and investors.

For more information about the $QMGT project, please visit


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