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July 09, 2024

Preferred Patron Loyalty Launches WeatherSmart™ Promotions


  • Businesses can gain a competitive advantage by customizing promotions based on real-time weather conditions, ensuring relevant offers for customers.
  • WeatherSmart™ Promotions allow businesses to create targeted marketing campaigns using specific weather attributes like temperature, snowfall, and UV index.
  • WeatherSmart™ Promotions enhance customer satisfaction by delivering timely and relevant offers, increasing loyalty, and driving sales for businesses.
  • Preferred Patron Loyalty introduces WeatherSmart™ Promotions, allowing businesses to offer personalized incentives based on real-time weather conditions.

Impact - Why it Matters

This news matters because it introduces a cutting-edge feature that revolutionizes personalized marketing strategies, empowering businesses to engage customers dynamically and enhance customer satisfaction.


Preferred Patron Loyalty has launched WeatherSmart™ Promotions, a feature that allows businesses to create highly targeted marketing campaigns based on real-time weather conditions. This innovative tool enhances customer satisfaction by delivering relevant offers at the right moment, thereby increasing customer loyalty and driving sales.

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