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June 05, 2024

Introducing Clever Tachyon: The Ultimate Fast Charger for Multiple Devices


  • The Clever Tachyon fast charger can simultaneously charge 4 smart devices with a total high output of 210W, giving users an efficient advantage.
  • Equipped with the Select Charging Control System, Clever Tachyon offers real-time output adjustment for each port, optimizing the charging process.
  • Clever Tachyon's multiple protection circuit functions and safety standards make it a safer choice for users, contributing to a secure and reliable charging experience.
  • Clever Tachyon's use of GaN2 material and unique design featuring a smart display and sleek design make it an interesting and innovative charging option for tech enthusiasts.

Impact - Why it Matters

The Clever Tachyon fast charger offers a convenient and efficient solution for charging multiple smart devices simultaneously. With its advanced technology and unique design, it provides users with a safe and hassle-free charging experience, making it a must-have for individuals with multiple devices. Whether at home or on the go, Clever Tachyon's real-time output and adjustable charging modes ensure optimal performance for a variety of devices, enhancing the user's overall charging experience.


The Clever Tachyon is a fast charger with a Select Charging Control System, capable of charging up to 4 smart devices simultaneously. It utilizes GaN2 material, offers real-time output, and incorporates a smart display with a sleek design. Equipped with the latest output adjustment technology, it can charge devices optimally with 3 different output modes depending on the device type. Moreover, it is equipped with the latest GaN2 technology and multiple protection circuit functions to prevent electricity leaks. Clever Tachyon also features a unique design with a built-in light sensor for hassle-free usage in dim surroundings.

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