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March 27, 2024

Crossword Cybersecurity Launches CyberAI Practice to Address Generative AI Risks


  • Crossword Cybersecurity PLC launches CyberAI Practice to address generative AI risks, giving companies a strategic advantage in managing AI-related threats.
  • The CyberAI Practice aims to consolidate AI expertise, educate clients on AI risks, and advise on leveraging AI for business enhancement.
  • The new CyberAI Practice makes the world a better place by equipping companies with the knowledge and tools to manage risks associated with Gen AI and LLMs.
  • Collaborations with major industry partners, academics from prestigious institutions, and researchers from the Alan Turing Institute enrich the practice, making it both interesting and educational.

Impact - Why it Matters

The launch of Crossword Cybersecurity's new CyberAI Practice is crucial as companies are increasingly implementing generative AI and large language models, which present significant risks. The practice offers a comprehensive approach to educating clients about these risks, while also providing guidance on leveraging AI for business enhancement and managing potential cyber threats. This news is important for businesses and individuals alike, as it highlights the need to understand and address the risks associated with advanced AI technologies.


Crossword Cybersecurity PLC group managing director Stuart Jubb discusses the company's new CyberAI Practice in an interview with Proactive London. The practice, part of Crossword's consulting business, aims to consolidate AI expertise into a centre of excellence, leveraging the company's deep knowledge in AI across its consulting and product teams. Services offered include workshops to educate clients on AI risks, particularly the increased threat landscape and data integrity issues posed by LLMs. Additionally, Crossword advises on leveraging AI for business enhancement, focusing on automation and security product improvement, while also addressing the potential for AI to be used in cyber attacks.

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