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March 26, 2024

Adin.Ai Revolutionizes Media Planning with AI-Based Advertising Intelligence Platform


  • Adin.Ai achieved a 700% growth in competitive markets, showcasing its strong business model and innovative AI solutions.
  • Adin.Ai disrupts traditional media planning with AI-based advertising intelligence platform, enhancing transparency and efficiency through AI and blockchain technology.
  • Adin.Ai's success stories include a FINTECH company from Spain achieving a 30% reduction in Cost Per Acquisition, demonstrating its commitment to driving tangible outcomes for clients.
  • Adin.Ai's strategic focus on expansion across Europe and the UK has yielded exceptional results, with a staggering 700% growth compared to the previous year.

Impact - Why it Matters

The emergence of Adin.Ai as a beacon of innovation in media planning has significant implications for advertisers and the industry at large. The company's disruptive technology and rapid growth promise unparalleled success in digital media planning, with a transformative impact on clients across diverse industries.


Adin.Ai disrupts the traditional media planning sector with its AI-based advertising intelligence platform, led by entrepreneur Serhat Gurcu and Prof. Altan Cakır. The company's integration of AI and blockchain technology ensures an unprecedented level of transactional transparency, earning recognition from Fast Company and AWS. Adin.Ai's stellar financial performance and explosive growth in competitive markets position the company as a preeminent interface for advertisers worldwide, with a remarkable impact on clients' success stories.

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