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July 3, 2024

BEK Freedom App Shields Nearly 63,000 Web Threats in Month

Bismarck, ND ( Wednesday Jul 3, 2024 @ 7:55 AM Central —

BEK Communications Cooperative proudly announces a significant milestone achieved by its BEK Freedom app. In just a month’s time, the app has successfully shielded nearly 63,000 web threats, reinforcing its role as a guardian of digital safety for BEK Fiber internet customers.

“Our commitment to safeguarding our users' digital lives has never been stronger," says Derek Braun, Network Operations Manager for BEK Communications Cooperative. “And the achievement of blocking nearly 63,000 web threats in just one month is a testament to the fact that there are more threats than ever before.".

The BEK Freedom app provides customers with complete control over every aspect of their home Wi-Fi and all connected devices. Among its numerous features, active threat protection enables users to view total threats, intrusions, and viruses blocked over time.

The app also helps users maintain network integrity by identifying all connected devices and alerting them when a new device connects, thus preventing unauthorized access.

"Our customers' security is our top priority, and the BEK Freedom app exemplifies our commitment to providing a safe and reliable internet experience," says Braun.

BEK Communications Cooperative remains dedicated to delivering top-notch internet services and innovative solutions to its customers.

About BEK Communications Cooperative

BEK Communications Cooperative, founded in 1952, is a communications services company headquartered in Steele, North Dakota. In the last 71 years, the company has grown to include branch offices in Bismarck and Valley City and now serves more than 12,000 customers. BEK provides fiber-based voice, Gigabit broadband, and IP television services; cloud-based security, automation, surveillance, voice, and storage services; and hospital and business communications solutions in North Dakota. The company also provides statewide sports broadcasting and national news reports on the BEK TV Network, and television content across North Dakota through KNDB, KNDM, and KNGF.

BEK emphasizes their fast, friendly, local service experience and a broad portfolio of high-quality communications, enterprise, broadcasting, and advertising services.

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