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By: News Direct
July 10, 2024

Pulsar Helium Inc. CEO Thomas Abraham-James Discusses High Helium Concentrations and Future Plans

Pulsar Helium Inc CEO Thomas Abraham-James joined Steve Darling from Proactive to provide an update on the company's progress and future plans. Pulsar Helium, listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker PLSR and on the OTC market as PSRHF, has been actively developing its helium project in Minnesota since its IPO in August of the previous year. The company is capitalizing on an initial discovery by mineral explorers, which identified gas with high helium content while searching for nickel. Pulsar's drilling efforts have confirmed helium concentrations of up to 14.5%, significantly above the economic interest threshold of 0.3%. Recent activities included drilling in February and testing in May, which verified the presence of helium with no associated water and favorable flow rates. Looking ahead, the company plans to update its resource estimates, conduct deeper drilling, and perform lateral drilling to identify additional gas zones. Pulsar Helium is also planning a preliminary economic assessment to further outline the project's potential. Abraham-James emphasized the critical applications of helium in high-tech industries such as space launches, MRI scanners, and semiconductors, particularly noting the global shortage exacerbated by declining U.S. output. Pulsar's project in the USA positions it favorably to meet this demand with a domestic source of helium, ensuring a stable supply for these essential industries.

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