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By: News Direct
July 10, 2024

Calibre Mining (OTC: CXBMF) Uses Artificial Intelligence To Push Gold Mining Operations Forward

By Jeremy Golden, Benzinga

The artificial intelligence (AI) market, valued at more than $184 billion this year, is among the most groundbreaking tech segments of this generation. Search traffic volume for the keyword “AI” tripled over a one-year period from 2022 to 2023, with more than 30 million searches occurring during March 2023. This demonstrates the heightened appetite for artificial intelligence solutions.

The AI market is projected to reach $407 billion by 2027. Amid that growth, it is becoming prominent in several industries, from finance to retail and marketing. Like those fields, the mining industry is on the cusp of being redefined by AI. Advanced technologies now have the capabilities to streamline operations, enhance safety, and unlock unprecedented efficiencies.

As enthusiasm for AI reaches new heights, a gold mining company with global projects has already been capitalizing on this generational trend.

A Growing Operation

Calibre Mining Corp. (OTC: CXBMF) is a gold mining and exploration company whose focus lies in sustainable operation performance and a disciplined approach to growth.

The gold producer says its strong pipeline of development and exploration opportunities across the U.S., Canada and Nicaragua includes three producing mines that delivered 28% year-over-year production growth in 2023. The company’s Nicaraguan operations include full ownership of four gold projects, two of which are gold processing plants.

With that diversity, Calibre believes it has the assets to become a mid-tier gold producer in the coming years. The company’s operational success in Nicaragua and its newly acquired Valentine Gold project in Canada has positioned it to build on the production growth it has showcased since 2019.

Moving forward, Calibre Mining’s leaders expect to significantly surpass 2023’s groundbreaking revenue mark of $561.7 million. This will be fueled by an additional 200 koz of gold per year once Valentine is in production.

Calibre Mining has nearly $150 million in cash and strong cash flow from its current operating mines to go with it. With plans in motion to continue expansion on multiple project fronts, the company stands to gain substantially from a new partnership with an AI and machine learning company.

AI In Mineral Exploration: Unlocking Previously Unseen Mineral Potential, A New Era Of Mineral Discoveries

In the gold mining industry, AI can help companies refine their approach to exploration and resource assessment. Using common geological work, AI algorithms can quickly and efficiently analyze and interpret broad datasets to pinpoint potential gold-bearing areas with shocking accuracy and speed. This expedites the exploration phase by creating something akin to a living, breathing exploration model which evolves as it is fed more data and uncovers areas of potential mineralization which may have been missed due to the sheer size of the dataset. In addition to this, AI has the potential to help minimize the environmental impact of mineral exploration by focusing activities on precise locations.

Given the vast exploration potential of its newest asset, Calibre Mining has tapped an artificial intelligence group to leverage the power of advanced machine learning models to analyze and identify potential mineral targets around the Valentine Lake Gold mine in Newfoundland. An AI lens has never been applied to the Valentine Lake database in the past. A first pass by VRIFY has not only validated the company’s high priority targets, but already uncovered a number of high-conviction targets which have never been previously tested.

Through the use of Calibre’s extensive proprietary database, VRIFY AI has created a detailed 3D model of potential mineral targets using sophisticated machine learning classifiers. Incorporating probabilistic values allows them to assess the accuracy and efficacy of these models.

Calibre Mining says this innovative approach will enhance the precision of mineral targeting, provide valuable insight into new areas of potential mineralization and enable exploration teams to instantly access and apply machine learning at Valentine Lake.

This should result in more intentional and potentially accurate drilling of mineral targets while prioritizing exploration spots and discovering previously unidentified mineral prospects. The AI tool has vast potential to pave the way for unbiased geological targeting and subjective data interpretation, accelerating exploration and improving the accuracy of mineral system identification for Calibre Mining.

What’s Next?

It’s already been an exciting 12 months for the Canadian-listed company, which outperformed last year’s projections by producing more than 283,000 ounces of gold in 2023. Calibre Mining recently took another step forward by acquiring Marathon Gold and its 100% interest in the Valentine Project – a 5 million-plus-ounce resource with significant exploration potential – in January. Since then, the company has completed 73% of the construction and 98% of the engineering on the fully-funded gold mine.

The Valentine Project is housed in the central region of Newfoundland and Labrador, a top

mining jurisdiction that is primed to become the largest gold mine on the Atlantic Ocean side of Canada. The acquisition will help Calibre Mining become a mid-tier gold producer, with annual production expected to reach about 500 koz by 2026, as estimated by the multiple analysts covering the company.

Industry experts believe Valentine is an attractive project that adds significant production, exploration growth and jurisdictional diversification to the company. With first gold expected in Q2 2025, analysts estimate the asset will contribute an additional 195 koz of gold production, bringing Calibre's consolidated 2025 production to about 496 koz – a 78% increase from 2023.

Overall, investors at Stifel and TD Cowen, among other companies, are bullish about Calibre Mining, whose repositioned jurisdictional profile should bring its asset mix to about 55% Nicaragua, 38% Canada and 8% U.S. by 2026, according to Stifel’s estimates. The two firms anticipate a respective 22% and 46% potential upside to its target price, based partially on management’s proven track record of execution and strong cash flow.

From the company’s investor presentation; upon graduating from junior producer to mid-tier 400-500koz a year producer, Calibre is poised for a potential re-rate.

Analysts at both firms have issued buy ratings for Calibre Mining, in part because investors place a premium on miners with lower or diversified political risk, particularly in the current global environment. As Calibre increases its scale, the company’s attractive valuation and growth prospects could help it narrow the valuation gap with its mid-tier peers as it increases its investor profile.

With an impressive collection of assets, Calibre Mining is on the brink of a breakthrough. Artificial intelligence has the potential to further these developments.

Featured photo by Shane McLendon on Unsplash

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