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By: BlockchainWire
July 10, 2024

Leprechaun (LPC) to Launch Web3 Telegram-Based Dashboard and Contract Automation

The Leprechaun Token (LPC) founders have announced the launch of an automated crypto prize pool and Telegram-based dashboard. With over 800+ holders, and CoinMarketCap listing, LPC brings thrills to the smart contract fans.

The automated prize pool system rewards traders for buying and holding LPC. Since the release in early June, the contract has automatically awarded over $15,000 to winners. And the project's dashboard will provide features like a web wallet, game competitions, and more for this community.

Automating Crypto Prize Pools

The main innovation introduced by Leprechaun Token is a built-in and automated prize pool function featured in the project's contract. This "Pot of Gold" feature adds another layer of excitement to trading LPC tokens for all types of Web3 enthusiasts.

The project applies an 8% tax through every buy-and-sell transaction. Half of this tax proceeds go towards the Treasure Pot. Instead, the remaining 4% goes to the Liquidity Pool and the marketing fund. This strategy incentivizes traders to hold onto their tokens and continuously trade them for potential rewards.

Essentially, every buy and sell transaction contributes to the pot. Once the system collects a certain amount of tokens from taxes, it triggers a sell transaction. At this point, SwapAndLiquify function comes into play. The operation will exchange tokens for BNB and add it to the Treasure Pot.

If no new purchases occur for a while, the last 100 buyers will share the reward from the Treasure Pot.

Revolutionizing User Experience with a Web3 Telegram-Based Dashboard

The Leprechaun dashboard is another core feature of this project. Anyone familiar with Telegram can easily access the Web Wallet, Swap/Buy Center, and participate in games/raffles/competitions. This dashboard (@LpcTipsBot) also provides information on previous winnings for a more transparent experience.

Moreover, users can easily purchase Leprechaun tokens with credit/debit cards and trade them seamlessly within the platform.

LpcTipsBot is a tip bot exclusive to Telegram that supports LPC token transactions on the BNB network.

To use LpcTipsBot, users must first add it to the selected group. The bot will automatically charge a $1 equivalent gas fee for withdrawing tokens to a BEP-20 wallet.

Conveniently, testing the LpcTipsBot system in the official Leprechaun V2 Telegram group is also possible.

About Leprechaun

Leprechaun (LPC) is a new token offering its community several pioneering features. The Pot of Gold is an automated prize pool that rewards buyers with BNB. It encourages new buys and creates a thrilling experience for crypto fans.

With the project's dashboard on Telegram, buyers can monitor the prize pool's growth in real time. The bot also offers a wallet and a swap-buy tool to purchase LPC. Users can trade, play games, and participate in raffles and competitions for additional rewards.

Anyone willing to learn more about the Leprechaun Token project can visit its official website. The social pages below are a nice way for the LPC community to stay updated on the project and join the raffles.

X (Twitter) | Telegram

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