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By: BlockchainWire
July 8, 2024

CATICORN is a New Charity Meme Coin Ready to Start the Meaming Evolution

CATICORN is one of the first charity cryptocurrency coins.CATICORN has been announced as the “New Meaming Meme” which is a new movement to bring meaning to cryptocurrency meme coins. Caticorn is a new “meaming” token with their ICO Fairlaunch taking place on the PinkSale launchpad.

Caticorn is leading the way with this meaming evolution by creating one of the first philanthropic-centered cryptocurrency ecosystems. Caticorn’s founders believe meme coins should have significant meaning and contribute to the well-being of society by contributing back to real communities. Caticorn plans to lead the way with this new cryptocurrency concept by helping create a new generation of crypto coins centered around philanthropic values.

Caticorn will host one of the biggest airdrops in crypto history from a philanthropic standpoint. Caticorn will dedicate their tokens to a public airdrop to bring awareness, and Caticorn will also send tokens to startup animal shelters and people working to save animals. The first philanthropic giving event will be televised and posted to a startup animal rescue service on all social channels once the coin is launched.

Their founders state, “We were just tired of seeing meme coins with no real utility or ecosystems at their core. Why not build something to add value to people’s lives, give back to the community, and help save animals who, in turn, are saving people?”

That’s how Caticorn was born, as a whimsical, magical, corny idea of combining memes and art for charity causes. It is a story based in real life of a human saving an animal who, in turn, changed the human’s life for the better by providing compassion and caring. The true story involves a normal guy saving a cat who in turn, helped save him by providing compassion and caring, changing his life for the better. The founders hope the concept of using cryptocurrency to help charity causes will grow as a meaming movement.

Caticorn’s Fairlaunch ensures an open, transparent, and equal token launch that is inclusive for all holders. Caticorn is also labeled as a SAFU coin on Pinksale with strict regulations to ensure new investors’ safety by working with a certified developer. In addition to safety measures, a sizable portion of the supply is locked for two years to assure investors of the project’s legitimacy and long-term commitment. Token airdrop allocations have been reserved until after the launch, with a token drop schedule for price stabilization. A new NFT series has been created in celebration of the launch available on OpenSea. Proceeds from sales will be donated to local rescues and animal startup charities with help from the Caticorn community.

The Caticorn team plans on forming a nonprofit foundation after launch and an ecosystem of compassion and charity with plans for a Caticorn charity application. Join their online community to take part in voting on charity projects that will make a difference in the world and the crypto community at large.

To learn more about the Meaming Meme Evolution and Caticorn Token visit: and join the conversation on Telegram:

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