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Kadimastem and iTolerance Announce Breakthrough Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes

June 23, 2024Kadimastem Ltd. and iTolerance Inc. announce positive results of their leading diabetes treatment at the ADA conference. The treatment, a combination of an immune modulator microgel material and insulin-producing islet cells derived from human stem cells, demonstrates functional insulin release and disease reversal in a model of diabetes.

Revolutionizing Colorectal Cancer Screening Market

June 21, 2024Mainz Biomed NV and Exact Sciences Corp. are transforming the colorectal cancer screening market with their at-home tests, ColoAlert and Cologuard. Learn how these non-invasive tests offer better early detection and could impact treatment and prevention.

The Vital Role of Fire Watch in Shipbuilding

June 21, 2024Learn about the vital role of fire watch in shipbuilding, including how it protects assets, ensures worker safety, and maintains compliance with regulations. Contact us for a free consultation on enhancing your shipyard's fire safety.

Coffee con Conchas: Celebrating Community and Connection in Sacramento

June 20, 2024ACE Resource Network's 'Coffee con Conchas' event in Sacramento celebrates community and connection, offering resources in English and Spanish to address childhood trauma and promote healing. The event brings together community leaders, influencers, and the public to engage in activities aimed at fostering emotional and mental well-being.

Recognition of Dr. Gray and Dr. Chapman for Advancing Crime Victims' Rights

June 20, 2024NOVA recognizes Dr. Gray and Dr. Chapman for their outstanding efforts in advancing victims' rights. The doctors advocate for increased funding and support for victim services organizations, highlighting the critical need for sustained resources to assist victims of violent crimes.

Expert Tips to Support and Celebrate Aging Pets

June 18, 2024Dr. Stacey Bone, veterinarian and senior pet advocate, discusses the importance of proper nutrition and care for senior pets, along with the benefits of considering senior pet adoption from shelters.

Mainz Biomed's ColoAlert Revolutionizes Colorectal Cancer Testing

June 13, 2024Mainz Biomed's ColoAlert offers a revolutionary approach to colorectal cancer testing, with the potential to increase early detection rates and save lives. Learn how this innovative product could impact the future of cancer screening and prevention.