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Everflow Launches Certification Program to Empower Partner Marketers

June 24, 2024Everflow launches Certification Program 'Platform Fundamentals' to equip professionals with a deeper understanding of partner marketing technology, enabling them to drive growth through various channels. Embraced by agencies like Intelsio and Vibrant Performance, the program aims to democratize access to essential marketing skills and empower companies to leverage partner marketing as a capital-efficient growth channel.

Office Evolution to Open Innovative Workspace in McKinney, TX

June 24, 2024Exciting news as Office Evolution announces the opening of a new flexible workspace in McKinney, TX. The innovative features and collaborative business model will provide a conducive workspace for collaboration and innovation, impacting the local business community and entrepreneurs in the area.

Kadimastem and iTolerance Announce Breakthrough Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes

June 23, 2024Kadimastem Ltd. and iTolerance Inc. announce positive results of their leading diabetes treatment at the ADA conference. The treatment, a combination of an immune modulator microgel material and insulin-producing islet cells derived from human stem cells, demonstrates functional insulin release and disease reversal in a model of diabetes.

Direxion to Close Three ETFs

June 21, 2024Direxion Shares ETF Trust has decided to liquidate and close three ETFs, including the Direxion Hydrogen ETF, Direxion Moonshot Innovators ETF, and Direxion Daily Global Clean Energy Bull 2X Shares. This decision will impact shareholders and investors who currently hold shares in these ETFs or are considering investing in them in the future.