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April 01, 2024

XT.COM Lists TKC(TK COIN) in Innovation Zone, Web 3.0


  • XT.COM announces listing of TKC on its socially infused trading platform, offering advantage to early investors and traders.
  • TKC is a TRC-20 token deployed on the Tron Layer-1 blockchain with a max supply of 2 billion tokens, designed for seamless transactions.
  • TKC leverages blockchain technology to revolutionize e-commerce, offline, and TV home shopping experiences, fostering community growth and accessibility.
  • TK COIN, synonymous with innovation and efficiency, epitomizes the convergence of blockchain technology, e-commerce, and TV home shopping, revolutionizing consumer interaction.

Impact - Why it Matters

The listing of TKC on XT.COM opens up new opportunities for users to participate in the TKC ecosystem, benefiting from secure and seamless transactions. This move also signifies the growing importance of blockchain technology in revolutionizing e-commerce, with potential impacts on how consumers interact with digital assets and online marketplaces. Additionally, the partnership between XT.COM and TK COIN highlights the continuous evolution of the cryptocurrency landscape, emphasizing innovation, accessibility, and community growth.


XT.COM has listed TKC(TK COIN) in the Innovation zone (WEB 3.0) on its trading platform, introducing the TKC/USDT trading pair. TKC is a TRC-20 token deployed on the Tron Layer-1 blockchain, designed for seamless transactions and user data security. TK COIN aims to revolutionize e-commerce and TV home shopping experiences, prioritizing innovation and accessibility. With XT.COM serving over 6 million registered users, the listing of TKC tokens marks a significant step for TK COIN in achieving its vision of empowering users worldwide.

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