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June 07, 2024

Theriva Biologics Receives FDA Fast Track Designation for VCN-01 in Pancreatic Cancer Treatment


  • Theriva Biologics received Fast Track Designation (FTD) from the U.S. FDA for VCN-01, potentially giving the company an advantage in the competitive pharmaceutical market.
  • Theriva Biologics is developing oncolytic viruses, such as VCN-01, to selectively kill tumor cells, with ongoing clinical trials to test its effectiveness in treating pancreatic cancer.
  • Theriva Biologics' mission is to change patient outcomes by improving cancer therapy, offering hope to patients with difficult-to-treat cancers and potentially increasing survival rates.
  • The increasing incidence of pancreatic cancer globally drives the need for innovative treatment options like VCN-01, potentially shaping the future of cancer therapy.

Impact - Why it Matters

The FDA's Fast Track Designation for VCN-01 reflects the urgent need for new treatment options for pancreatic cancer, a leading cause of cancer death globally. This milestone underscores the potential of VCN-01 to improve patient outcomes and reduce mortality. As incidences of pancreatic cancer continue to rise, Theriva Biologics' focus on innovative cancer therapies could have a significant impact on the industry and patient care.


Theriva™ Biologics (AMEX: TOVX) is a biotech company focused on developing oncolytic viruses to treat cancer. The company recently achieved a significant milestone as the U.S. FDA granted Fast Track Designation to its candidate VCN-01 for the treatment of metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Theriva Biologics is also rebranding to reflect its evolving focus on oncolytic viruses and cancer therapies.

VCN-01 is part of an ongoing phase 2 clinical trial in combination with standard-of-care chemotherapy for patients with pancreatic cancer. Additionally, the company is developing SYN-004 (ribaxamase) to mitigate adverse outcomes for patients undergoing bone marrow transplant for hematologic cancers.

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