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June 20, 2024

Synergist Technology Poised for Growth in AI Governance and Compliance


  • Synergist Technology's AFFIRM SaaS offering ensures clients meet industry compliance and global governance standards, gaining a competitive edge in the AI market.
  • AFFIRM holistically governs AI frameworks, monitors policies, detects compliance and model risks, and provides real-time risk assessment dashboards for clients.
  • Synergist Technology's AFFIRM promotes responsible and trustworthy AI deployment, enhancing reliability, trustworthiness, and alignment with government policies for a better future.
  • With AFFIRM, Synergist Technology leverages human expertise to manage AI risks, building trust and ensuring fair and unbiased AI outputs for clients.

Impact - Why it Matters

<p>With the rapid expansion of AI systems, Synergist Technology's platform is crucial in providing fairness and transparency in AI, building trust with regulators, the public, and its clients' customers. The company's commitment to developing responsible AI compliance tools helps organizations navigate the complexities of AI governance and minimize compliance and liability risks, ultimately ensuring the safe and competent use of AI systems.</p>


Synergist Technology, a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) governance and compliance, is set for significant growth after securing a $5 million seed funding round and expanding its client base. The company's AFFIRM software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering enables users to implement a holistic AI governance framework, ensuring compliance and model risk detection. Partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft further solidify Synergist's position as a trusted provider of responsible AI compliance tools.

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