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July 09, 2024

Nuestro Studios Launches 'Bistec' Podcast Series on Cuban Surveillance


  • The worldwide debut of the podcast series 'Bistec' offers a compelling story for audiences seeking unique entertainment.
  • The podcast 'Bistec' is an eight-part limited series, with two episodes per week, available in English and Spanish on major platforms.
  • The series 'Bistec' shines a light on the lives of people under a Totalitarian state, providing a cultural, profound, and compassionate sonic experience.
  • Key inspirations for 'Bistec' include stories from Cuba's Comités de Defensa de la Revolución and the experiences of writer Manuel Ruiz-Barrera during his documentary photography trips to Cuba.

Impact - Why it Matters

This news matters because 'Bistec' offers a glimpse into the lives of millions of people living under a Totalitarian state, shedding light on the lack of privacy and the impact of surveillance on individuals. The series provides a cultural and emotional narrative that is both compelling and compassionate, making it relevant to a global audience.


Nuestro Studios, a division of Nuestro Stories, has launched the historical fiction podcast series ‘Bistec’, which delves into faith, patriotic fanaticism, and surveillance in Dystopian Cuba. The eight-part limited series is available in English and Spanish on major podcast platforms, including YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, and Audible. The story revolves around a Cuban Revolutionary and a prominent dissident, set against the backdrop of Cuba's enigmatic surveillance system.

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