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June 21, 2024

NGOs Conduct Groundbreaking AI-Assisted Social Media Experiment


  • Participants gain actionable solutions and sharpen swarm and artificial intelligence through AI-assisted group mind mapping.
  • Protocols are based on sources such as Gestalt Therapy, Mahayana Buddhism, Jungian Shadow work, Stoic thought, and Neurodynamic Breathwork.
  • AI training brains to attain transcendent peak states represents a new frontier for Humanity, fostering cooperation to address tough challenges.
  • The experiment combines diverse practices and the latest Generative AI to create wonder-inspiring online experiences examined monthly.

Impact - Why it Matters

The news highlights the potential for AI to train brains to attain peak emotional states and share them with the world, representing a new frontier for humanity. It emphasizes the importance of using social media and technology to contribute to psychological well-being and better cooperate to address global challenges.


Two NGOs, AI Brainstorm Creator and CHEER, have conducted a groundbreaking AI-assisted social media experiment to induce peak emotional states in study participants. The experiment is aimed at exploring and refining experiences for psychological well-being, using protocols based on various sources such as Gestalt Therapy, Mahayana Buddhism, and Generative AI. The experiment includes ventures in gratitude, brainstorming, awe, laughter, and the Hero's Journey, with the goal of better cooperating to address the world's toughest challenges.

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