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By: NewsRamp Editorial Staff
June 04, 2024

New Research Reveals Pain Points in HR Tech Stacks


  • HR professionals can gain a competitive advantage by leveraging technology for people analytics.
  • The research report provides insights on pain points and actionable recommendations for improving HR tech stacks.
  • Seamless integration of HR technology can enhance the employee experience and meet business objectives.
  • Debbie McGrath, CEO of, emphasizes the challenge of making the latest HR technology work seamlessly to enhance the employee experience.

Impact - Why it Matters

The research report highlights the challenges HR professionals face in leveraging technology for people analytics, as well as the importance of seamless integration of HR tech tools. This information is crucial for HR professionals and organizations looking to improve their HR technology and enhance the employee experience.


New research sheds light on pain points and features needing improvement in HR tech stacks. The biggest struggle for HR is leveraging technology to gain useful people analytics. The free research report from’s State of Today's HR Tech Stack and Integrations 2024 provides actionable recommendations and insights.

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