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May 15, 2024

Ideal Power CEO Discusses Advancements in Semiconductor Technology


  • Ideal Power's B-TRAN semiconductor technology increases electric vehicle range, giving an edge in the market.
  • Ideal Power's B-TRAN semiconductor reduces energy losses, enhancing efficiency in everyday devices and sustainable energy solutions.
  • Ideal Power's B-TRAN semiconductor promotes sustainable energy solutions, making the world a better place for future generations.
  • Ideal Power's collaboration with Stellantis to develop next-generation electric vehicle platforms is an exciting step forward in automotive technology.

Impact - Why it Matters

The discussion on Ideal Power's innovative semiconductor technology and strategic partnerships is important because it highlights significant advancements in energy efficiency and sustainable energy solutions. The company's collaboration with a global automaker also signals potential advancements in electric vehicle technology, which can have a positive impact on the automotive industry and the environment.


Ideal Power CEO Daniel Brdar discusses the company's innovative B-TRAN semiconductor, which enhances efficiency in a wide range of applications, including electric vehicles and solar power systems. The semiconductor's bi-directional capabilities also contribute to cost-effective and efficient energy management, addressing major challenges in the energy sector. Ideal Power has received commercial orders from large companies and initiated a collaboration with Stellantis, a global automaker, to develop next-generation electric vehicle platforms.

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