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April 17, 2024

HRO Today Magazine Unveils 2023-24 HR100 List of Top HR Departments


  • Top HR departments ranked by HRO Today, giving companies a competitive edge in attracting top talent.
  • HRO Today uses a comprehensive research methodology to rank HR departments based on eight core areas.
  • Recognizing the world's best HR departments, promoting workplace culture, diversity, and employee development for a better future.
  • HRO Today announces the top 10 companies in HR excellence, including Cisco Meraki, Bank of America, and IBM.

Impact - Why it Matters

The release of the HR100 list is crucial for HR professionals and executives seeking to benchmark their departments against the best in the world. It provides valuable insights into the key areas of workplace culture, employee benefits, diversity and inclusion, talent management, and employer brand, allowing companies to identify areas for improvement and best practices to implement.


HRO Today Magazine has released the 2023-24 HR100 list, ranking the world's top 100 HR departments based on a comprehensive research methodology. The list evaluates HR departments in eight core areas, providing an index for overall HR excellence. The complete HR100 list, including the top 10 companies, can be found on HRO Today's website.

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