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By: NewsRamp Editorial Staff
June 20, 2024

HR Tech Pioneer Colin Day Joins as Advisor


  • Colin Day, founder of iCIMS, joins as advisor, giving them a competitive edge in HR tech.
  • Colin Day's extensive experience and visionary leadership will guide's strategic direction and growth.
  • Colin Day's insights and expertise will revolutionize the candidate experience, delivering exceptional value to organizations worldwide.
  • Colin Day's commitment to improving the hiring process and delivering exceptional value makes a pioneer in HR tech innovation.

Impact - Why it Matters

Colin Day's addition to as an advisor signifies a commitment to revolutionizing the candidate experience. His deep industry knowledge and proven track record of building successful companies will provide strategic guidance as continues to grow and enhance its platform.


Colin Day, the founder of iCIMS, has joined as an advisor, bringing his extensive experience and visionary leadership to guide the company's strategic direction and growth. His insights and expertise will be invaluable as continues to innovate and expand its offerings, revolutionizing the candidate experience.

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