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July 09, 2024

Haltom City Faces Declining Businesses and Urgent Need for Revitalization


  • New businesses, Five and Below and WD's Discount, are replacing Big Lots and Sam's Dollar Store, offering potential competitive advantage.
  • Haltom City is seeing a decline in businesses, prompting HUBA to request a plan for revitalization and improvements in the city's codes.
  • HUBA aims to revitalize declining areas and attract new businesses, creating a better tomorrow for Haltom City and its citizens.
  • Haltom City's population decline and business loss prompt the need for urban renewal, with success stories available through a simple Google search.

Impact - Why it Matters

The declining business landscape in Haltom City and the lack of revitalization plans could lead to increased crime and further degradation in the south and central areas. This affects the entire community and the city's ability to attract new businesses and maintain a healthy tax base.


Haltom City employee Jayson Steele reported on new businesses coming to Haltom City, including the closure of Sam's Dollar Store and Big Lots. The Haltom United Business Alliance expressed concern over the declining vacancy rate in the city and the lack of plans to revitalize the declining areas. They urged the city to propose plans for improvements and public hearings to address the situation.

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