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June 11, 2024

HackaTRON Season 6: TRON DAO Announces Qualifiers


  • HackaTRON Season 6 attracted over 1,100 participants with a prize pool of $650,000, including $500,000 in TRX.
  • Participants in Web3, DeFi, Artistry, Builder, and Integration tracks created projects that pushed the needle forward in the blockchain space.
  • The innovations from HackaTRON Season 6 are making the blockchain landscape more advanced and accessible, leading to a more decentralized internet via blockchain technology.
  • The top contenders in each judge-evaluated category of HackaTRON Season 6, such as BlinkAI, HandShake, Unclaimed: Fall of Mankind, and Block Fabric, showcased impressive and unique projects.

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The news highlights the groundbreaking innovations and projects developed in the blockchain space, showcasing the potential for technological advancement and investment opportunities. It also underscores the growing interest and participation in blockchain-related events, reflecting the industry's dynamism and the potential impact on future technological developments.


TRON DAO, HTX DAO, BitTorrent Chain, and JustLend DAO hosted the HackaTRON Season 6, attracting over 1,100 participants who redefined the digital landscape in the blockchain space. The event featured a prize pool of $650,000 in TRX and energy. The winners of different tracks were announced, showcasing innovative projects that push the needle forward in blockchain technology.

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