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April 02, 2024

Global Survey Reveals Challenges and Trends in UX/UI Design Projects


  • 64.2% prefer a fixed-price model for upfront project cost.
  • UX/UI designers use various methods to measure the success of UX/UI Design Improvements.
  • Balancing creativity and usability while understanding user needs is a concern for UX/UI designers.
  • Chatbots are the most popular tool and trend, adopted by 44% of the respondents.

Impact - Why it Matters

The survey sheds light on the challenges faced by companies and professionals in UX/UI design projects, providing valuable insights into the factors influencing project costs, popular pricing models, and priority aspects in design projects. Understanding these trends and challenges can help businesses and designers optimize their approach to UX/UI design and stay ahead of industry developments.


TechBehemoths, a German platform that connects projects with IT service providers worldwide, conducted a global survey revealing the challenges and trends in UX/UI design projects. The survey, which included 1062 professionals from 48 countries, highlighted the difficulties companies face with time and budget, the factors influencing the overall cost of design projects, and the most popular pricing models for professionals. Additionally, the survey analyzed priority aspects in UX/UI design projects and the methods used to measure the success of design improvements.

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