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May 15, 2024

Firebird Metals Reveals Feasibility Outcomes During China Visit


  • Firebird Metals Ltd's significant progress in China gives them a strategic advantage in the region.
  • The company demonstrated advancements in battery-grade manganese sulphate production at various facilities in Jinshi, Hunan Province.
  • Firebird Metals' progress in producing high-purity manganese sulphate supports cleaner and more efficient energy storage solutions for the future.
  • The visit to a large investor site in China highlighted Firebird Metals' innovative advancements in battery-grade manganese sulphate production.

Impact - Why it Matters

The news of Firebird Metals' significant progress and strategic advantages in China, along with the outcomes of the feasibility study, are crucial for investors and industry stakeholders. The company's advancements in manganese sulphate production and the support received from local authorities and partners are key indicators of the company's growth and expansion. Additionally, the planned plant's economic viability and operational benefits demonstrate the potential for Firebird to play a significant role in the battery-grade manganese sulphate market, impacting the global supply chain for battery manufacturing.


Firebird Metals Ltd (ASX:FRB) managing director Peter Allen discusses the company’s recent visit to China, highlighting significant progress and strategic advantages in the region. The visit focused on Firebird's leading manganese sulphate team and their advancements in Jinshi, Hunan Province, including the Pilot Plant and R&D centre for battery-grade manganese sulphate. The company also revealed outcomes from a feasibility study supporting Firebird's strategy to produce high-purity manganese sulphate with low capital expenses and operational advantages. Firebird has also made further progress in the development of its Stage 1 Battery Grade Manganese Sulphate Plant in China, signing “critical” financing and construction agreements with the Jinshi Government, China Construction Bank, and China Chemical.

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