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By: NewsRamp Editorial Staff
June 21, 2024

Fathom Nickel Secures Permits for Expanded Exploration at Gochager Lake Project


  • Fathom Nickel secures permits to advance exploration at Gochager Lake, gaining a significant advantage in resource expansion.
  • The permits enable Fathom Nickel to drill up to 60 holes, construct a 25-person camp, and use temporary 'fly camps' for field season support.
  • Fathom Nickel's exploration activities at Gochager Lake aim to expand the resource base and uncover new mineral deposits, contributing to future sustainability.
  • Fathom Nickel's mobilization of field crews to conduct soil geochemical surveys and detailed drone-MAG surveys marks an exciting advancement in exploration technology.

Impact - Why it Matters

The news of Fathom Nickel securing permits for expanded exploration at the Gochager Lake project is significant as it marks a pivotal step in the company's exploration strategy, underscoring its commitment to expanding its resource base and uncovering new mineral deposits. This development has the potential to impact the mining industry and local communities by bringing new opportunities for mineral exploration and potential economic growth.


Fathom Nickel CEO Ian Fraser has announced that the company has secured all necessary permits to advance its exploration activities at the Gochager Lake project, including drilling up to 60 holes and constructing a 25-person camp. The exploration permit is valid for two years, expiring in 2026. The company has also mobilized field crews to begin a soil geochemical survey and plans to conduct a detailed drone-MAG survey over the historic Gochager Lake deposit area, covering approximately 385 line-kilometers.

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