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April 15, 2024

Based Monkey Puppet Launches New Token on Base Network with Visionary Roadmap


  • Investors and content creators can potentially earn significant rewards by getting in early on the Based Monkey Puppet token launch.
  • To buy $PUPPET, users must set up a crypto wallet on the Base network using Coinbase Wallet, bridge ETH to Base, and swap ETH for $PUPPET on Uniswap.
  • Based Monkey Puppet aims to empower content creators within the community, providing them with income from their creations and creating a positive, lighthearted space for connection and joy.
  • Based Monkey Puppet project offers a unique and rewarding opportunity for investors and content creators through its clear tokenomics and community-focused approach.

Impact - Why it Matters

Based Monkey Puppet has launched a new token on the Base network, aiming to empower content creators and early investors. The project's transparent tokenomics and clear roadmap make it an innovative platform, impacting the crypto community by rewarding creators and building a strong, engaged community.


The Based Monkey Puppet team has officially launched its token on the Base network. This new project aims to restore the true fundamentals of a meme token, rewarding early investors and content creators. 

The team's roadmap strongly emphasizes community building, marketing, and development. With a clear tokenomics structure, Based Monkey Puppet has a potentially large target market to reach. 

Visionary Roadmap of Based Monkey Puppet

At the core of the Based Monkey Puppet project is a strong vision to empower content creators within the community. The team behind this project is experienced and has passed a KYC process, ensuring the project's security and integrity. 

The project's founders have no doubt: this is an "early gem" with the potential to grow 100x or even 1000x. This is why the team created a clear roadmap that will guide the development and growth of Based Monkey Puppet.

The first phase of the roadmap involves launching and listing the project, starting with deploying the Based Monkey Puppet contract. The team believes in a fair launch, so 100% of tokens will enter the Uniswap Liquidity Pool. Additionally, they have implemented a strategy called "Banana Peel."

The second phase is all about building community and trust. This includes ending the Banana Peel strategy and starting a new one called "Monkey Business." The team will also engage with the community through various channels, such as social media, partnerships, and events.

The team will focus on applying ETH to marketing efforts in the third phase. This will help upgrade Monkey Business to Based Monkey Puppet, increasing the project's visibility and awareness.

Finally, in the fourth and last phase, Based Monkey Puppet will release the Book of Evolution. This will involve onboarding content creators and revealing different chapters at the team's discretion. 

With this roadmap, Based Monkey Puppet aims to become a successful and innovative platform for content creators. Rewarding them with income generated from their creations builds a system relying on merit.  

How to Buy and Understanding the Project's Tokenomics

The project's core is, without a doubt, its native cryptocurrency. This token ($PUPPET) follows a clear and straightforward path toward distribution. The total supply is 1,000,000,000 $PUPPET tokens, which is fixed and will not change in the future. The liquidity pool in Uniswap V2 holds all of these tokens.

To purchase $PUPPET, users must first set up a crypto wallet on the Base network using Coinbase Wallet. It is also possible to rely on another compatible wallet like MetaMask. Once the wallet is live, users can send ETH to their Ethereum wallet. It will be necessary to bridge it over to Base via the official Coinbase or Orbiter Finance bridge.

After bridging ETH, users can go to Uniswap and swap ETH for $PUPPET. 

The project's tokenomics also include a tax structure that will be active for the first 90 days after launch. This includes a 5% tax on both buy and sell transactions, with the following allocations:

  • Buy Tax: 3% to the Community Marketing Wallet, 1% to holders as reflections, and 1% to the liquidity pool.

  • Sell Tax: the same allocation as the buy tax.

This tax structure is in place to incentivize holders and stabilize the liquidity pool. After 90 days, the community will have the power to vote on any changes to the tax structure.

About Based Monkey Puppet

Based Monkey Puppet is a community-driven project that centers around the MonkeyPuppet meme. The project creates a positive and lighthearted space for anyone to connect, share, and spread joy through this beloved character. 

Through community events, AMA sessions, and open discussions, Based Monkey Puppet encourages active participation among its members. The project also offers reflections to its holders to foster long-term commitment and strengthen the community bond.

The team openly focuses on developing a healthy and safe environment for members to connect with other investors. This focus on community building is at the core of Based Monkey Puppet's values, which go beyond just financial gains.

Backed by a transparent and experienced team that's been KYC'd and audited by, their project is built on a foundation of security and reliability.

Anyone curious to find out more about the project can easily access all information and updates on its website. The social pages below also provide fun and interactive ways to stay updated on the project. 

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