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July 09, 2024

Punyam Academy Launches ISO 42001 Lead Auditor Training Course


  • Get ahead in AI system auditing with the globally recognized ISO 42001 Lead Auditor training from Punyam Academy.
  • The ISO 42001 Lead Auditor training covers everything from audit process to nonconformity reporting for AI management systems.
  • The ISO 42001 Lead Auditor training equips professionals to evaluate AI management systems, making organizations more efficient and reliable.
  • The ISO 42001 Lead Auditor training offers ready-to-use audit checklists and over 250 audit questions for AI management systems.

Impact - Why it Matters

This news matters because it offers professionals the opportunity to become certified Lead Auditors for companies employing AI systems globally, providing them with the skills and information required to conduct a certification audit and implementation. It also enhances auditing abilities for individuals seeking official recognition as ISO/IEC 42001 lead auditors who have received training and certification.


Punyam Academy is set to launch a new course, ISO 42001 Lead Auditor training, providing thorough instruction on organizing and performing ISO/IEC 42001 audits of businesses' AIMS. The course covers requirements, Annex-A controls, audit process, risk management, AI risk assessments, and system impact assessments. It also includes audio-visual presentations and a global leader in training and certification programs will award students a certificate upon completion.

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